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Pump sprayer business in 2021

2021/12/18      view:

2021 will be passed soon, and all pump sprayer factory and company felt not good this year, Because of low demand from global business. I think main reason is the Covid-2019.

First of all, The BEP printed many dollar for the world. It make all goods price higher and also make the economics down too much. And together it effects EU countries to against Chinas development, like Australia increased the copper cost to China. The direct influence is to make Chinese goods cost more higher.

Another reason is that shipping cost is more higher than before . we all know the hand sprayer cost is low, even one 40HQ container value is just about USD10000, and the shipping cost to Southeast Asia countries need about USD3000, one year ago the shipping cost is just about USD200. If the destination port is Africa and South America, the shipping cost even increase to about USD20000. it is unacceptable for pump sprayer importers.

These two factors are from Covid-2019, it is so difficult for pump sprayers this year. But how about next year? Some person of pump sprayer industrial forest that maybe many manufacturers still feel difficult, because Covid-2019 is more serious in many countries. Person live difficult and no more money to buy more goods for them. But some pump sprayer manufacturer said the sprayers are necessity for farmers and for many person with garden. This will be a good factor for next year pump sprayer business. But I think all pump sprayers can be repaired easily and can be used for some years. Maybe the spare parts of pump sprayer will be good time in 2022.

However, I hope the Covid-2019 will be finished soon, also I hope all person can be safe , then we can do pump sprayer business smoothly . and my friend and customers can visit my factory anytime.