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Inspection is important for sprayers

2022/7/15      view:

    More customers always complain of bad quality sprayers, then the factories always pursuade the customers to change best quality pump, best quality charger , best quality spare parts. But from my experiences of inspection of sprayers. I find that the spare parts are important, but the inspection is most important.

   Sprayer tank is made of plastic, the most important specification is that it is not leaking. So we must test the leaking for all of tanks. But most of sprayers factories ignore this point. They think the tank wont be leaking , even it is leaking , it must be less. But I think the tank will be connected to other parts, it is also required no leakings. So my factory will test the water tank after assembling the spare parts to the tank.

   Pump also required high pressure and stable electric current. If without high pressure , the sprayers pump will be broken in short time. Also if the electric current is not stable, then the battery will bear short time for the pump, it is also not good.

   Other parts, like hose, handle and nozzles are also need inspection, but also we should inspect them by function and appearance. We have a video to show you , we can understand some.