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Agricultural sprayer Profile

2020/8/11      view:

Agricultural sprayer Profile

Agricultural classification of sprayers

A few mainstream varieties of the most widely used agricultural backpack sprayer are compared with simple advantages and disadvantages for reference by farmers' friends.

   (1). Ordinary hand sprayer:

Advantages: 1. Low price.

2. Convenient maintenance, low price of accessories.

Disadvantages: 1. low efficiency, labor intensity, not suitable for large area operation.

3. The liquid medicine has the phenomenon of running, emitting, leaking and dripping, and the operator is easy to get wet by the liquid medicine, which is easy to be poisoned and not environmentally friendly.

                       4. The maintenance rate is high, it's too troublesome.

(2). High pressure automatic sprayer:

Advantages: 1, high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times of ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity and continuous operation.

2. There are few wearing parts, the lowest maintenance rate and no use cost. 3, atomization reaches or exceeds electric sprayer, and the direct injection reaches 7 to 11 meters.

Disadvantages: 1, the sprayer should first spend about two minutes to press the syrup into the sprayer before spraying.

2, the use of different methods and other sprayers should read the instructions to make good use.

(3) electric battery sprayer:

Advantages: 1, high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times of ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity and easy to use.

2. Good first impression, easy to sell

Disadvantages: 1. Battery capacity determines the length of the continuous operation of the sprayer.

2. Too many brands, different models, different accessories, not easy to maintain, repair costs are too high. After the warranty period, the battery will Almost. It costs more than USD13 to replace it. The water pump is also easy to have problems, and it is not easy to repair.

3. Because it involves some electrical appliances, it must be repaired by professionals.

(4). Power sprayer pump:

Advantages:    1. high efficiency and good spray effect.

Disadvantages: 1. The price of the machine is high and the cost of using it is high. A barrel of water costs a few cents to a dollar for oil.

2. Self heavy, noise, pollution, high machine temperature, poor operating environment.

3. Professional maintenance is required.