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release valve of spray lid

2022/7/9      view:

     The lid of each agriculture sprayer is equipped with a release valve,whose function is to ensure that the water in the bucket cannot overflow.And ensure that there is air outside, so that water can be sprayed out.However, some air release valves can't prevent water leakage when the bucket is inverted, which may not be an effective air release valve.

     A good release valve requires that the hole position of the spray cover must be just right, and the size and thickness of the corresponding check valve must have certain requirements. Although this is a small release valve, it plays a finishing touch on the performance of the whole spray. Because the gas release valve can prevent the liquid medicine or toxic gas in the medicine barrel from overflowing out of the barrel. This can well protect users from the harm of liquid medicine and medicinal gas. So a suitable and good release valve can really make your spray icing on the cake.