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Market changes of mist sprayer market ----- India

2020/9/24      view:

  India is a country with a large proportion of agricultural population, but its agricultural mechanization is relatively low. Due to its large population, its farming tools are still relatively backward. In terms of the use of sprayers, some traditional plastic sprayer are used as the main tools bottle sprayers. As a result, India does not use large sprayers in the sprayer like Western European countries, nor does the US use helicopter sprayers. India farmers mainly use manual bottle sprayers , knapsack electric sprayers and power sprayers and nano mist sprayer.

    Because his per capita income is low, the price of sprayers he uses is also very low. China's sprayer manufacturers are always in a mood of love and hatred for merchants in India.

    Here is a brief summary of the characteristics and changes of the Indian garden sprayer market.

    Before 2003, India merchants were mainly looking for manual hand sprayers in China. Usually, a customer's order could make a factory busy for a month or even months. Therefore, the buyers of India pressure sprayers before 2003 are characterized by large orders and few purchasing personnel.

    From 2003 to 2008, there were a number of sprayer customers in the five years with the whole container as the purchasing unit. They mainly buy fixed sprayer varieties and sprayer models, and the varieties purchased are mainly manual sprayers. In the past five years, the characteristics of purchasers are single variety and large quantity, and there is certain competition with large purchasers, and the price obtained in the factory is far less than the price and service of large purchasers.

    From 2008 to 2013, this five-year period has seen a hundred flowers blossom. These five years are the stage when the vast number of Indian merchants flock to China together, and it is also the five years when the profits of India's big purchasers are sharply reduced. Because of the large number of India sprayers market, a large number of businessmen have seen this business opportunity. They know that sprayers and sprayers need to earn profits from imported sprayers. This is also normal, so the so-called "no profit" can not afford to rise early. Who is called the sprayer is the necessary agricultural machinery for India farmers? For the factory side, it began to feel headache at this time, because some small customers in India wanted the best price and the best quality at the same time. Constant counter-offer has become the most obvious feature of Indian customers, and the number is very scattered.

    From 2013 to 2018, it is the stage in which Indian customers begin to self eliminate. Over the past five years, a large number of small customers have started to switch careers, and no longer focus on sprayers, because the profits of atomizer wholesalers and sprayer retailers in India local market are constantly decreasing, and the importers of atomizer must crush the profits of factories. Meanwhile, in the past few years, the India market has had certain demand for spray pumps as farm machine. That is, the three cylinder pump, which is connected to the gasoline engine, such as 168 gasoline engine. In a word, the changes in these five years are that the product varieties pursue novelty and the price should be preferential.

    From 2018 to now, great changes have taken place in the international market. The price of sprayers in the India market continues to decline, which is related to the global market downturn.