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2021/4/12      view:

The atomizer we are talking about here usually refers to agricultural and garden sprayers. When I was very young, I often saw farmers in my hometown spraying pesticides with sprayers.This device has over thirty or forty years of use in China. Let's look at the changes in these years.

(一)the oldest wooden sprayer.

 (二)double tube sprayer used in 80s

(三)single tube sprayer used in 90s

(四)Using electric sprayers and power sprayers after 2000

(五)Helicopter sprayers started after 2010

The development of sprayer technology contributed to agriculture, but also reduced the burden on farmers and increased the harvest of farmers. Our company (Taizhou Penghuan mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.) is committed to producing better products and has a good development vision - to liberate farmers from heavy physical strength. We keep pace with the times and strive to develop. We believe that there will be more new products for consumers in the near future.