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Market changes of sprayer(1)

2020/8/17      view:

The types of agricultural sprayers have been developed into several categories, namely, manual sprayers, agriculture battery sprayer pump, pump sprayer, combined sprayers,trigger sprayer and so on. From the place where it is used,There are farm use, garden use and home use.

The original sprayer was only one plastic manual, which was widely produced and used in mainland China thirty years ago. Production is also concentrated in China's Shandong Province and Zhejiang Province,Of course, there are some places like Henan Province. These are mainly produced for farmers in the mainland of China, which is what we call domestic sales. At that time, due to the comparison of manufacturers Less, the sprayer is hardly worried about sales and profits are high. Many sprayer manufacturers in Taizhou, Zhejiang now accumulate at that time.

With the acceleration of China's reform and opening up, capital has been accumulated rapidly, and some foreign capital has entered China's mainland. Taiwan's producer land of spray industry has been rapidly growing.

In the very short period of time, some of the sprayer manufacturers in Taizhou began to imitate Lu Xiong's products, probably starting in 2003, like FengTian, Ousen, FST, Wenxin and other manufacturers have risen rapidly, and they are also engaged in domestic market at first. Since about 2007, China's Ministry of Commerce has released export controls on ordinary mist sprayer and other plastic sprayer. Many customers call china sprayers as ‘TAIZHOU SPRAYERS’.

They can be exported by manufacturers themselves. Overnight, these manufacturers quickly get a large number of orders from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In a short period of ten years, these manufacturers are expanding rapidly like a snowball. A few years later, they began to build factories and add equipment, because these owners believed that hard capital capacity would bring them more tangible benefits.

In 2016, things began to change. Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and India, the two large market concession countries, began to be interfered by the US dollar system. At the same time, with the rising manufacturing costs in China, China's price advantage began to slowly lose, and orders from Southeast Asian countries began to decrease, and the economy and politics could never be separated, The failure of Thailand's Thaksin and Yingla in agricultural policy has made Thailand farmers difficult to take steps. China's manufacturers, like FENGTIAN sprayers, OUSen sprayer, FST sprayer, and Wenxin sprayers, either accept profits loss or sacrifice orders, which is almost nothing to do because purchasing prices are becoming lower and lower. And China's production costs have become increasingly high, so the reduction of manufacturers' profits is almost inevitable. The emerging market for these traditional foreign trade manufacturers, they are lack of advanced marketing tools and ideas, so the FENGTIAN sprayer has become a lonely wild goose, like in the brutal market competition, it is difficult to take steps. Other manufacturers also sacrifice huge profits to support the normal operation of enterprises on the basis of original customers.

In fact, few enterprises can use the innovative ideas put forward by the Chinese government at this stage. Because for these small and micro enterprises in Taizhou, they are private enterprises made by small workshops. They lack systematic management concept and formal management means, and almost all manufacturers are struggling. In our Chinese vernacular, it is called "eat the old". In my view, the emerging market of sprayers is constantly developing and updating. These mature local manufacturers blindly fight the price war, which will only make them more difficult to survive. As a new generation of business operators, bold use of innovative ideas, innovation in every stage of enterprise management, there may be a large market in the future.